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Edison-eDF Seismic Risk Training

GIT - 2 July 2018 - 0 comments

As part of Edison S.p.A.‘s general program of ongoing corporate training and information, Gruppo Ingegneria Torino provided specific training about the “Methodology for Evaluating Seismic Risk in Large Industrial Facilities.

The consultancy is part of the cognitive and regulatory framework in force, and is aimed at deepening the information and training path of the referents and operators of the site with particular reference to the state of the art with regard to the assessment methodology adopted to date and the activities to be pursued in order to follow up on the provisions of Articles 36 (Workers’ information) and 37 (Training of workers and their representatives) of Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended.

During the training event, the methodological approach was presented, which is currently adopted for the assessment of seismic risk in application of Legislative Decree 81/2008 “Protection of health and safety in the workplace” art. 17, paragraph 1, letter a) and art. 28 and subsequent amendments and additions and in particular on the safety of workplaces to be provided as part of the continuous updating of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR) of industrial production sites.

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