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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino
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Hydrology and Hydraulics

City and river hydraulics, dams and dykes, hydroelectric and infrastructures

Gruppo ingegneria Torino - Adeguamento acustico mense Leonardo

Gruppo Ingegneria Torino deals with planning and back-analysis of complex hydraulic phenomena with particular reference to the study of localized and distributed phenomena by means of numerical simulation models in 1D and 2D.

The in-depth knowledge of hydrological processes, and in particular of those of inflow-deflow transformation, allows the Group to carry out in-depth studies on the available water resources, on the phenomenon of flood formation and on the effects they determine on the territory.

The sector also deals with the management of supply, storage and distribution systems, with particular regard to both the typically engineering-design aspects and the problems of management, retrieval and use of the resources.

An important know-how is instead at the service of the various problems related to the drainage of urban and industrial areas and the management of wastewater, including their purification with innovative technologies.

The interaction between the different sectors also allows us to face and solve complex maintenance/adaptation interventions of industrial processes or to intervene in the field of large dykes (dams), sleepers and hydroelectric production plants, including the management of the relative machines.


Matteo Bragardo, Antonio Cotroneo


The Hydrology and Hydraulics Sector of Gruppo Ingegneria Torino, through a continuous exchange of skills and professional synergies in support of our customers, where necessary makes use of the collaboration of firms and companies with specific and recognized skills.


Urban hydraulics

  • Sewerage networks and lifting plants
  • Purification plants with traditional and innovative techniques
  • Water supply networks
  • First rainwater treatment plants
  • Emergency Management Plans

Dams and dykes

  • Structural renovation, extraordinary maintenance and conservation work
  • Adaptation and/or integration of foundation systems (foundation waterproofing and drainage screens)
  • Construction, maintenance and adaptation of drainage works (surface and pressure)
  • Implementation of monitoring systems for remote control, automation of government systems
  • Processing and interpretation of instrumental measurements
  • Realization of works of accommodation, stabilization and protection of slopes and banks
  • Management of relations with institutional supervisory authorities for authorisation aspects
  • Development of studies and analyses on the structural behaviour of dykes
  • Analysis of filtration and underpressure processes affecting foundations
  • Sediment management plans

Large infrastructures

  • Platform water management
  • Interference with surface waters and aquifers

River and torrent hydraulics

  • Basin studies and watercourse arrangements
  • Numerical models of flood events and study of watercourse overflows
  • Study of debris flow dynamics
  • Special water management structures

Hydraulic instability

Studies on the consequences of natural/artificial floods:

  • survey of areas affected by flooding
  • analysis of potentially damaged infrastructure and risk assessment

Our clients include

IREN S.p.A (formerly AEM Torino) – MAIRE Engineering S.p.A. – IRETI S.p.A. – SINA S.p.A. – AIPO Agenzia Interregionale per il Fiume Po – AdB Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Po – AUTOSTRADE PER L’ITALIA S.p.A – ANAS S.p.A – AUTOSTRADA ASTI–CUNEO S.p.A – R.F.I. Rome, Infrastructures and Investments Department – BANCA MONDIALE – LEONARDO S.p.A. – THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA S.p.A. – ENI Rewind S.p.A. – TERNA S.p.A. – GE AVIO S.p.A – Various public bodies throughout Italy (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Mountain Communities, Parks) – Operators, Consortia and Companies of various types and purposes

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