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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino
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Special plants

Industrial plants, machinery, technology and process simulations

Gruppo ingegneria Torino - Settore Impianti speciali

Gruppo Ingegneria Torino, thanks to its multidisciplinary and multi-year expertise in the plant engineering field, has developed important experiences in design and strategic consulting for the realization, transformation and management of important industrial production and process development sites.

  • Process modeling
  • Machinery and industrial automation
  • Plants for transporting and using technical gases
  • Electrical power plants
  • Electronic and signal plants
  • Flammable and combustible fluid transport plants
  • Heat and steam production plants
  • Process plants in the environmental and waste treatment sector.

Gruppo Ingegneria Torino boasts a complete multidisciplinary know-how in the field of technological plants for special and process applications.

The Group offers integrated plant engineering consultancy oriented towards the use of new technologies for 3D CAD design aimed at creating process systems that integrate aspects of mechanical and fluid dynamics engineering with electrical drives and electronic control of the systems. The sector works in direct contact with the world of component manufacturers and installers, reacting to technical developments and the new horizons opened up by materials science. In this direction, significant investments have been made in expertise, training and specialised software for the resources in charge.

The development of this specific thematic area of the Plants sector allows to cover the classic areas of technological design such as the electrical, HVAC, fluid-dynamic and fire-prevention sectors, up to the design of complex process plants, such as distribution systems and use of hazardous fluids and technical gases, waste treatment plants, mechanized transport systems and special machinery for use in complex systems and plants for aeronautical applications.

The working method leads the customer through the whole project chain, starting from the preliminary study in which the medium and long term behaviour of the plants is simulated by means of process modeling software, in order to evaluate their capacity and performance in the project idea, up to the choice and executive modeling of all the components.

The experience gained places the Group as a qualified intermediary between clients and the industrial and technological construction market, always guaranteeing cost-benefit analyses and maximum level of industrial safety, supporting each choice with specific multi-level risk analyses.

Head of Sector


Andrea Di Rosa, Paola Pasqualini, Andrea Rapetti, Enrico Fabris


The Special Plants Sector of Gruppo Ingegneria Torino, through a continuous exchange of skills and professional synergies in support of our Customers, when necessary avails itself of the collaboration of firms and companies with specific and recognized skills.


Initial analysis, surveys and feasibility study

Understanding of the needs and objectives for industrial and process activities, starting from the existing plants up to the concept conceived by the customer:

  • AS-IS status survey
  • Process flow analysis
  • Determination of project requirements and specifications
  • Technical-economic feasibility study and cost/benefit assessment

Dynamic process simulation and modeling

Design activities and construction of the digital model of the process for the simulation of feasibility scenarios over time, using specific software:

  • Construction of the digital process model
  • Use of advanced simulation software
  • Definition of variable parameters and plant performance indicators
  • Development of a digital simulator on a dedicated software platform for medium-long term simulation

Design of process plants and technological service plants

Executive design activities and assistance in the tender phase for industrial plants:

  • Design of industrial process plants
  • Interface with leading specialized companies in the process sectors
  • Design of technological service plants
  • Use of BIM design techniques
  • Processing of P&ID diagrams
  • Dimensioning verifications with calculation software.

Verifications, works management and safety coordination

Verification, Works Management and Safety Coordination activities:

  • Verifications with technical instruments of the functional and regulatory status of the plants
  • Design of the restoration and rationalisation plan for plants under verification
  • Operational management
  • Safety coordination during the executive phase
  • Site Management.

Our clients include

GE AVIO S.p.A – LEONARDO GLOBAL SOLUTIONS S.p.A – LEONARDO S.p.A. – TRM S.p.A. Trattamento rifiuti metropolitani – LAVAZZA S.p.A. – AVIO S.p.A. – THALES S.p.A. – TERNA S.p.A. – EDF Fenice S.p.A. – IREN S.p.A – CEFLA S.p.A. – Various public entities throughout Italy (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities) – Operators, Consortia and Companies of various types and purposes.

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