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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino
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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino followed the Design and Works Supervision of the interventions useful for the conversion of thermal generation from Methane Gas to District Heating and preparatory to the connection to the IREN network of the Leonardo Plant in Turin.

An important multidisciplinary intervention that involved several specialist areas:

  • SYSTEMS Sector: fluidic heat generation and main distribution systems. Mechanical pumping systems and implementation of the main and secondary distribution. Redevelopment of the heating fluid receiving sub-stations inside the buildings for terminal distribution inside the buildings. Electrical installations for power supply and control of mechanical installations.
  • CONSTRUCTION/CIVIL/STRUCTURE Sector: fitting out of the areas housing the new district heating fluid receiving station.
  • SAFETY Sector: construction site works and works in compliance with current regulations and guaranteeing the continuity of execution of ordinary plant activities in Business Continuity.
  • GEOLOGY/GEOTECHNICS Sector: at the service of all the specialities within its competence and for the analysis of underground utilities.

The objective shared with the client sees the conversion of the centralised systems effective and functioning starting from the 2021-22 heating season. Objective achieved without any disruptions or delays!

An important assignment awarded to GIT by Leonardo Global Solutions and which we hope can be a pilot project for the important impact it could develop in terms of environmental sustainability linked to the reconversion of numerous production plants throughout the country.

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