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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino
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Road infrastructure

Various existing or new road infrastructure of a different category

Gruppo Ingegneria Torino - settore infrastrutture stradali

Gruppo Ingegneria Torino is able to deal with the road infrastructure sector in its entirety, ranging from the design of new works to the intervention on existing structures, assisting the Client who manages the road network (local administration or national authority) in solving the main problems that may affect the safety of the infrastructure, be it a bridge, a tunnel or any other structure interfering with them.

The areas strictly related to structural safety are linked to a process of preventive diagnosis with subsequent preliminary proposals for intervention and consequent design and management of ordinary/extraordinary maintenance works that affect punctual or extensive “physiological” deterioration due to the age of the work and the durability of materials.

Safety analyses can also deal with structures as a whole, with static and seismic analyses, rather than road safety intended as strictly related to road traffic and therefore to road barriers, junctions and fire prevention issues, all with reference to bridges and viaducts but considering also underpasses, overpasses and tunnels as included.

The close synergy with the other sectors of the Group makes it possible to deal with, and resolve, indirect risks to the infrastructure, such as hydrogeological and geotechnical risks related to instability in progress or that can be triggered.

Considering the peculiarity and importance of the subject, all the Group‘s competences can be activated in emergency situations in order to quickly reach targeted and decisive interventions.

Luigi Di Carlo


Michele Magnaschi, Fabio Testagrossa, Stefano Crocioni, Alberto Chiodin, Salvatore Guercio, Alessandro Genesi, Claudio De Rosa


Gruppo Ingegneria Torino collaborates with the structural design firm Genesi e Magnaschi, a company that provides wide-ranging structural engineering services for the Civil, Industrial and Infrastructure sectors.


Diagnostics of existing infrastructure

  • Historical-critical analysis of the work of art
  • Bibliographic research and validation of the original project
  • Structural geometric survey
  • Inspections to assess instability
  • Planning of the geological characterisation of the site of interest
  • On-site assessment and coordination of investigations into construction details
  • Identification with the client of the most advantageous level of knowledge

Safety assessment of existing infrastructures (former CSLP Guidelines)

  • Load analysis and identification of static and dynamic combinations
  • Evaluation of mechanical parameters of materials
  • FEM modeling of the work of art
  • Definition of verification sections of structural elements based on inspection reports
  • Definition of degradation and transposition in the verification phase (oxidized bars, broken strands…)
  • Safety assessment
  • Operational verification
  • Verification of transitability
  • Verification of premises

Design / Supervision of works on existing infrastructures

  • Adaptation of infrastructures for the replacement of safety fences and signs
  • Riverbed defence interventions
  • Geotechnical consolidation of piers, abutments, pile walls and retaining walls
  • Restoration of degradation of structural elements
  • Replacement of bearings and joints
  • Static and seismic upgrading of bridges, viaducts, overpasses in reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel.

Design / Management of works of new infrastructures

  • Bridges, viaducts, flyovers made of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete or steel with a beam layout
  • Arched bridges and viaducts
  • Bridges, viaducts, orthotropic plate flyovers
  • Bridges, viaducts, suspended flyovers
  • Bridges, viaducts, cable-stayed flyovers
  • Underpasses in situ and with push launching
  • Geotechnical consolidation works of slopes, walls with several rows of tie-rods, berms
  • Tollbooths and motorway barriers

Completion of authorization procedures and static testing

  • Relationships with local administrations and national bodies with completion of authorization procedures
  • Validation of Executive projects
  • Organization of load tests and on-site monitoring
  • Static tests

Design and adaptation of completion elements

  • Conservative restoration of cortical character, renewal of road paving, design and replacement/adaptation of road and noise barriers
  • Fire prevention design-adaptations in tunnels and electronic signalling.

Our clients include...

AUTOSTRADE PER L’ITALIA S.p.A. – A.N.A.S. S.p.A. – SITAF S.p.A. Società italiana Traforo Autostradale Frejus – S.p.A. per l’Autostrada Serravalle-Milano-Ponte Chiasso – Autostrada Asti-Cuneo S.p.A. – TOROC Agency for the development of the XX Winter Olympic Games “Turin 2006” – MAIRE Engineering S.p.A. – SINA S.p.A. – Various public bodies throughout Italy (Regions, Provinces, Municipalities) – Operators, Consortia and Companies of various kinds and for various purposes

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