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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino
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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino s.r.l.

Via Cercenasco 4c
10135 TURIN
Tax code/VAT no. 10931830011

Registration number with the Register of Companies of Turin: 10931830011
REA registration number: TO – 1173472
Share capital € 12,000 fully paid-up

Headquarters Manager Mr. Cristiano CAVALLO

Tel. (+39) 011.3099003
Fax. (+39) 011.3035082
Mob. (+39) 331.5779671

The other Offices

GIT - Rome

Operational office

Via G. Dominici 6
00165 Rome (RM)

Office Manager Mr. Riccardo AMICI

GIT - Pomigliano

Operational office

Via Sedivola 22
80059 Torre del Greco (NA)

Office Manager Mr. Carlo PIRO

GIT - Lecce

Operational office

Via San Pietro in Lama 8
73047 Monteroni di Lecce (LE)

Office Manager Mr. Stefano Caramuscio

GIT - Foggia

Operational office

Via Gramsci 103
71122 Foggia (FG)

Office Manager Mr. Giovanni Battista MANCINI

GIT - Veneto

Operational office

Via Toscanini 13
30016 Jesolo (VE)

Office Manager Ms. Elena ONGARETTO

GIT - Varese

Operational office

Via Fabio Filzi, 16
21020 Taino (VA)

Office Manager Ms. Alessandra DE BERNARDI

GIT - Savona

Operational office

Via Paleocapa 21/9
17100 Savona (SV)

Office Manager Mr. Claudio DE ROSA

GIT - La Spezia

Operational office

Via Rebocco 1
19123 La Spezia (SP)

Office Manager Mr. Donato PIERRO

GIT - Genova

Operational office

Via Martiri della Libertà 21
16014 Campomorone (GE)

Office Manager Mr. Francesco PACE

GIT - Asti

Operational office

Regione Perno 130
14033 Castell’Alfero (AT)

Office Manager Mr. Paolo ARNAUD

GIT - Piacenza

Operational office

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 212 C
29121 Piacenza (PC)

Office Manager Mr. Michele MAGNASCHI

GIT - Biella

Operational office

Via Garibaldi 16
13900 Biella (BI)

Office Manager Mr. Alberto ROMANO


Operational office

Via Alfredo di Dio, 167
28877 Ornavasso (VB)

Office Manager MS. Francesca MARTINOLI

GIT - Cagliari

Operational office

Via Sicilia 7/A
09045 Quartu Sant’Elena (CA)

Office Manager Mr. Massimo MURGIA

GIT - Ragusa

Operational office

Via Curtatone 56
97019 Vittoria (RG)

Office Manager Mr. Andrea DI ROSA

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