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Fire and atmospheric discharge risk assessment



The Project

Fire risk assessment

The main objective of this consultancy is the updating of the fire risk assessment of an industrial site in Turin, following the modification of the layout of the areas destined for the storage of avionic material, various equipment and furnishings, as well as the archive of paper material.

The final assessment is an integral part of the Risk Assessment Document (D.V.R.) and is prepared in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions and in compliance with the provisions of Annex I of Ministerial Decree 10/03/1998.

Activities performed:

  • Determination of fire load
  • Classification of the activities and areas under analysis according to the classes provided by the Presidential Decree 151/2011 and the subclasses defined by Annex III of the Ministerial Decree 07/08/2012
  • Verification of the escape routes, of the correspondence between the escape routes foreseen in the existing evacuation plans and the minimum standard prescriptions, and updating of the respective evacuation plans
  • Determination of fire resistance classes of structures
  • Audit report verification of the firefighting equipment inspection register
  • Application of a “semi-quantitative” calculation model (also called “grid method”)
  • Quantification of the fire risks and definition of the necessary measures to be taken
  • Definition of the maximum amount of material that can be stored within the areas under analysis
  • Updating of the fire prevention and evacuation plan of the plant.

A complementary and supporting activity to the verifications of the escape routes was the performance evaluation of the escape through the application of the principles of Fire Safety Engineering (FSE). This analysis made it possible to carry out a quantitative assessment of the level of safety for predicted fire scenarios and to analyse its effects, evaluated according to pre-established performance thresholds. The results thus obtained, translated into numerical values (quantitative analysis), were compared to the performance thresholds prescribed by the Fire Prevention Code.

The simulations were carried out using the FDS+EVAC software.

Risk assessment of atmospheric discharges

The final part of the consultancy concerned the updating of the document assessing the risks from atmospheric discharges of certain buildings on the site in question, in accordance with Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, no. 81.

The assessment was carried out in order to verify whether the buildings under analysis are self-protected against atmospheric discharges or whether it is necessary to implement suitable protections.

Activities performed:

  • Assessment of lightning risks
  • Definition of protective measures to be taken where necessary

The calculations for the risk assessment were processed with the ZEUS program, produced by TNE Srl – Tuttonormel.



  • LOCATION: Torino (TO)

  • STATUS: concluded


Project Sheet

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