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Gruppo Ingegneria Torino
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Civil and industrial safety Structures

Seismic improvement works on walkways

  • Client: G.E. AVIO AERO


The Project

The type of structure of the walkways is that of reinforced concrete beam section “H” in simple support on the edge beams of the buildings it connects.

The design approach was to statically isolate the “walkway” structure from the two buildings it connects, without inducing any stress or change in the static scheme of the walkway. The design intervention has provided for the construction of a metal support structure based on poles, sized to take up all the static and seismic actions transmitted by the walkways subject to intervention; following the construction of the new support structures, they were cut at the buildings, providing an adequate seismic joint aimed at avoiding the phenomenon of hammering between adjacent structures “in opposition of phase”.



  • LOCATION: Rivalta di Torino (TO)

  • STATUS: Work completed, work tested


Project Sheet


  • SERVICES PERFORMED: Structural Executive Design, Safety Coordination and Project Manager

  • AMOUNT OF THE TENDER: 210.496,82 €

  • SURFACE: -

  • YEAR OF EXECUTION: 2015-2016