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Hydrology & Hydraulics

Mini-hydro flowing water design

  • Client: Private Client


The Project

Construction of a hydroelectric plant in the Municipality of Tigliole, located along an existing canal for irrigation purposes, which serves a now disused mill.

The intervention in question, inserted in an agricultural context, foresees the use of some works already present, located on the left bank of the Triversa torrent, without making significant modifications, with particular regard to the existing derivation, the Molino Canal and the spillway canal.

The realization of the plant by means of a hydraulic screw requires a low economic burden, relating only to civil works, since it is not necessary to build underground chambers in which to place the turbine. It follows that the main works can be identified as:

  • reconstruction of bank walls
  • construction of the central room
  • construction of the overflow structure.

Following a special topographical survey, it was possible to define the precise location of the existing structures.

The current diversion will be maintained with replacement of the existing floodgate with an automatic one controlled by PLC, in order to ensure priority release of the DMV.

Briefly, the following interventions are planned:

  1. replacement of the existing bypass floodgate with an automatic one, which always guarantees priority release of the DMV
  2. re-profiling and reshaping of the bed of the irrigation canal, along the stretch of intervention, in order to ensure the containment of the levels resulting from the new flow rate of concession
  3. demolition and reconstruction of the existing bank walls in reinforced concrete
  4. construction of a by-pass canal with lateral spillway to ensure the operation of the work under optimum conditions
  5. civil works related to the production building
  6. installation of the hydraulic screw and the necessary ancillary works.



  • LOCATION: Tigliole d’Asti (AT)

  • STATUS: Project Concluded


Project Sheet

  • CLIENT: Private Client

  • SERVICES PERFORMED: Feasibility study, Final design

  • AMOUNT OF WORK: € 325.000 approx.

  • SURFACE: -