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Civil and industrial safety Structures

Foundation system for a new shot blasting machine in an industrial plant

  • Client: Getti Speciali S.r.l.


The Project

The structural design pursued the dual objective of achieving:

  • a tank for the foundation and housing of the plant with a depth of about 4 metres from the p.p.f.
  • the metal frame covering the tank and supporting the system.

The main work phases implemented to carry out the works were:

  • DEMOLITION OF THE FLOORING AND EXCAVATION for the thickness of the future connection rail to the head of the poles.
  • DRILLING AND LAYING OF MICRO-POLES pile wall: drilling and laying of 69 micro-poles along the subsequent excavation face with a diameter of 200 mm and reinforced with φ159×5.6mm steel tubing, placed at 50 cm intervals and varying in length between 6-8 metres.
  • IMPLEMENTATION OF A PROVISIONAL METALLIC RAIL: the insertion of a HEA220 metal perimeter profile was foreseen by welding to the head of the poles, in order to allow collaboration between the poles themselves during the provisional phase; the profile was then drowned in the subsequent reinforced concrete rail with a permanent function.
  • EXCAVATION UP TO LEVEL -4.40 metres
  • ARMOURING AND CASTING OF FOUNDATION SLABS: a reinforced concrete base slab 40 cm thick was created after laying the 10 cm thick layer of lean concrete. Irons have been foreseen for the realization of the subsequent lining
  • ARMOUR AND CAST ELEVATIONS: construction of the reinforced concrete lining 20 cm thick and the central reinforced concrete pillar 60×30 cm in size to support the system
  • ARMOURING AND CASTING OF THE PERMANENT RAIL 50×50 cm connecting at the head of the poles
  • LAYING OF A METAL FRAME to support the shot blasting machine, doweled to the reinforced concrete walls and to the final rail; the main profiles making up the frame are as follows:
    • 10 IPN400 profiles
    • 4 HEA400 profiles
    • Metal grating in 70×3 plates arranged in 25×76 mesh and frame in corner profiles.



  • LOCATION: Beinasco, Turin

  • STATUS: Concluded


Project Sheet

  • CLIENT: Getti Speciali S.r.l.

  • SERVICES PERFORMED: Structural Executive Design, Management of works, Safety Coordination

  • BASIC AMOUNT OF THE TENDER: 182.810,20 €

  • SURFACE: -

  • YEAR OF EXECUTION: 2014/2016