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Executive design for new aeronautical fuel depot

  • Client: Private client


The Project

Multidisciplinary design for the construction of a new fuel depot for refueling of aircraft and helicopters. The project covered the following sectors, with different specializations and insights:

  • Building Sector: arrangement of outdoor areas, finishes, municipal authorizations and similar
  • Structures Sector: tank foundation slab and airport apron
  • Special Plants Sector: fluidic and electrical systems to serve the new depot, electrical start-up system for the first rain tank
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Sector and Environment and Reclamation Sector: design of the first rainwater system
  • Geology and Geotechnics Sector: new Georadar survey, excavations for the deposit slab and for the first rainwater basin, provisional works/well-point etc…)
  • Fire prevention Sector: authorization process at the Fire Brigade and possible design measures
  • Safety Sector: preliminary verifications of Explosive Ordnance Disposal.


Project Sheet

  • CLIENT: Private Client

  • SERVICES PERFORMED: Executive design

  • AMOUNT OF WORK: 1.968.596,20 €

  • SURFACE: -

  • YEAR OF EXECUTION: 2018-2019